Alena Barshai
Alena Sitting


Alena is a pale thin woman in her late twenties with short black hair and sharp features. When out in public she wears an eye patch over her left eye, short veins surround the patch in a slightly ugly that she generally uses her hair to cover. She usually wears dark severely cut clothes that show her frame to best effect. (Pres 2, Bp2, Status Ordo 3)


Born in St. Petersburg in 1939 Alena was the daughter of mildly successful merchant she was singled out quickly as an intelligent child moving ahead of other kids her age quickly. This didn’t mean much at the time though as world war 2s movements had caused numerous stresses in Russia and her family had been pushed into poverty by Stalin’s urbanization acts. Times were tough early on, her father was worked raw for the party and her mother worked her hardest to keep them fed while Alena was forced to go to the limit schooling offered during early communist Russia, she was taught to do mostly labor works while she was more interested in history. When Hitler attacked her father was arrested and shot for attempting to get Alena’s Family out of Russia, this was a set tone for the next 20 years of Alena’s life.

Her and her mother tried to live out her teenage years as best they could, she ended up working in a brothel at the age of 20 and she spent the next few years suffering the degradations of the officers of Stalin’s rule. One night though her life changed forever, a client that she had become familiar with over the last few months bought a night with her and in his usual painful methods kept her going for several hours until he finally lost it and went into a frenzy when she scratched him for trying to bite her. He ripped out her eye then subsequently embraced her out of blatant pity. He took her out of Russia to eastern Germany shortly after Introducing her to the Ordo where she was little better than a slave to him and every other Ordo member in the area. With no money and no way to support herself she suffered the indignities for several months owning nothing but her mind, the clothes on her back and the filthy cause she used to cover the permanently bleeding wound of her left eye.

Her time as a slave in the Ordo was painful but she struggled upwards eventually meeting the rank of scribe the same as her sire then killed him in the slowest most painful way she could manage which involved her feeding him to several dogs to hide the evidence. With his hindrance gone she flourished taking over all his finances in several auto companies around the world including Volkswagen and GM. She stayed in Germany finally making herself a respectable member of the Ordo and even rising into the Sworn of the Dying Light entering with a recent discovery on the nature on vampire psychology.

Her time in Germany was cut short in the mid 80s when she finally decided to leave when she became a mistress of the dying light for her research on the vampire mind and the effects of vitae on it. She moved thousands of miles to Los Angeles at the suggestion of the Twilight Judge of East Berlin. Upon entering the city she moved to a huge studio apartment on 16th street as close as she could get to UCLA. She maintains as many close contacts as she can to the Ordo and has become something of a soft touch to the younger kindred of the city, she helps them with minor problems giving advice and they seem to think she is the nicest thing since ghandi. She is not above using this adoration for her own ends picking apart the minds of the younger kindred of the city to see which ones go in what moral direction. She has another thesis to write and she enjoys her work.

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